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10k Yellow Gold Birthstone 3-Stone with Diamond Accent Ring
sapphire with diamonds ring
gold sapphire rings
star sapphire ring for women

Blue Sapphire with Diamonds

A beautiful addition to any attire.

Diamond Ring with Blue Sapphire

A gemstone variety of the mineral corundum is Sapphire. Corundum mixed with trace amounts of other elements, such as titanium, iron or chromium, can give corundum yellow, blue, purple, pink, greenish or orange color.

Chromium impurities in corundum provide a redish tint and therefore the resultant gemstone is ruby.

Sapphires of all colors are commonly found in jewelry but because of their remarkable hardness they are all used in some non-ornamental applications which include highly durable windows; optical components, such as in scientific instruments; very thin electronic wafers; and wristwatch crystals and movement bearings.

Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Gemstone color breaks down into three components: tone, hue and saturation.

The gemstone "color" is most commonly understood as the hue. Saturation refers to the brightness or vividness of the hue. And, tone is the darkness or lightness of the hue.

"Blue sapphire exists in various mixtures of its primary (blue) and secondary hues, various tonal levels (shades) and at various levels of saturation (brightness)". source

The purity of the primary hue is the basis for the eveluation of Blue Sapphires. The most common secondary hues found in blue sapphires are violet, purple and green.

A secondary hue of green is considered to be distinctly negative, where as purple and violet can contribute to the overall beauty of the blue sapphire color.

The blue sapphire that has up to 15% purple or violet is generally considered to be of fine quality.

Value of a Sapphire

In 1960 Mrs. John Logan donated a flawless specimen from Sri Lanka to the Smithsonian Institute. Know as the Logan Sapphire (view picture) it is the second largest blue sapphire known and is a cushion-cut stone that possesses a rich deep blue color.

Sapphire Blue Rings

Below you can find a selection of some of the more popular Diamond and Blue Sapphire Rings available to place on your ring finger today.

Should you find that none of these make you jump up and down with joy then check out the wide selections available at plus and

14k White Gold Sapphire and 1/10ct TDW Diamond Ring
sapphire jewelry rings

Designed to give the illusion of two separate rings, this eye-catching ring has one ring with sparkling white diamonds and the other studded with deep blue sapphires.

All artfully crafted into lustrous 14-karat white gold.

The dark blue stones provide a really nice contrast against the bright diamonds.

There are 11 gemstones and 18 diamonds. .

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Kyanite 3.25 Ct. Gemstone Diamond Ring in 10 kt Yellow Gold

This ring is both feminine and durable.

Being 10k gold it is diamond ring in yellow gold with blue stones stronger than 14k or 18k and will not bend easily with regular daily wear.

All though not Blue Sapphire stones this ring is elegantly set with kyanite gemstones and six round shaped diamonds.

With basic care this ring will maintain its top rating for years to come.

A classic ring with a colorful twist.

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10K Gold and Blue Sapphire Ring

This classic combination of blue sapphires and yellow gold ring features blue sapphire gold ringsan oval sapphire flanked by two round sapphires.

The ring is made of 10-karat yellow gold.

Total gemstone weight is .45 carat and the band measures 1.60 mm wide.

This classy, stylish ring belongs in every jewelry collection

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Sterling Silver Blue and White Sapphire Ring

This ring shimmers with a highly polished finish of sterling silver and a melange of blue sapphires and white sapphire accents.
cost of a sapphire

There are eight 2 mm bead-set round-cut sapphires, 27 1.75 mm bead set round-cut sapphires, 24 bead-set 1.5 mm round-cut sapphries, seven 1.25 mm bead-set round-cut sapphires, one 2 mm bead-set round-cut white sapphire and seven 1.75 mm bead-set round-cut white sapphires for a total gemstone weight of 2 carat.

The band is 3.5 mm wide.

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Solitaire Style 2.75 carats Blue Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish

Solitaire Style Blue Sapphire RingYou will love the gorgeous deep blue color of this blue sapphire ring and how it sparkles on your finger.

The round cut lab created blue sapphire stone is surrounded by 10 side stones of sparkling machine cut white cubic zirconia.

The band has a pure sterling silver rhodium finish.

You can be proud to present this blue sapphire ring as a gift for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Graduation, Christmas or just about any other occassion.

Includes a Signature Gift Box.

Money Back Guarantee.

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14K White Gold Channel-set Blue Sapphire Ring

This striking Blue Sapphire Ring has a dark blue stone that shines brillantly in the sun or light giving a very vibrant blue colBlue Sapphire Rings White Goldor.

Nine square princess-cut 3 x 3 blue sapphires are channel set in a ring of 14 karat white gold.

This 14k White Gold Channel-set Blue Sapphire Ring is very eye-catching and something you will be proud to wear.

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How To Buy A Sapphire

As we discussed earlier sapphires can come in different colors, such as, blue, pink, yellow, purple, green, orange or even a clear color. Then there is the red sapphire which is more commonly known as a ruby.

The most common and sought after color is blue and other than the blue and red sapphires, the rest are considered "fancy" sapphires.

Sapphires without good color saturation are often improved with chemicals or heating. Naturally pure in color sapphires are prized and therefore cost a lot more than the less-perfect stones.

Sapphires are next in hardness only to diamonds and therefore are prized for their durability. Since they are quite strong they require little care or special attention by the wearer.

Star of Sapphire

The star sapphire is especially prized among sapphires and are usually cut in a dome shape. Their uniqueness is that they display a star shaped inclusion when held up to the sun or light.

The better defined the "star" is, then the more expensive the sapphire will be. You want to find a star sapphire with clear and well-defined arms. Ideally it would display six equidistant and clear arms. A star sapphire is very expensive and quite rare.

Oval or Round

Sapphires are often cut in round or oval shapes. Oval shapes are sometimes less expensive than round shapes. Something for you to keep in mind while shopping.


Like diamonds, sapphires are graded by carat weight.

Created Blue Sapphire

A sapphire labeled "cultured" or "created" it means that the sapphire was created in a lab and is not natural.

Types of Jewelry

Since sapphires are so versatile and popular they are used in different types of jewelry. Extremely popular are sapphire pendants and sapphire-studded earrings. In addition you can purchase sapphire bracelets, rings and mixed-gem pieces. Sapphires, especially blue sapphires, go well with light colored settings like white gold and platinum.

Find a large selection of beautiful Sapphire Blue Rings at: Ebay plus Overstock and Walmart.

Gemstone Shapes For Rings

Sapphire Gemstone Rings

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